Side fairing
Buy Volvo VNL and Freightliner Cascadia fairings online 
Everybody wants to modify his vehicle as much as possible. Every part and parameter may be readjusted. But there is a technical and visual limit. You can not make your truck drive at the speed of the light (at least now). Questions of the taste are quite personal but still, there are some rules. If you see something beautiful, the chances that many people will find it beautiful too are quite big. I guess that looking at fairings will induce the similar effect.
Fairings were designed for two purposes. For protection from little dangerous objects and for the aerodynamics. It is perfectly mixed in one stylish body part. Volvo VNL and Freightliner Cascadia fairings allow making your truck unique and even more shiny.
Aftermarket fairings for Freightliner Cascadia trucks. These body parts not only have a great look, but also they are functional. Freightliner Cascadia fairing is created to prevent the air blocking while riding. The aerodynamics is quite an important. Especially in scales. Cascadia and VNL fairing responds to a correct wind wrap on the road. And if the wind doesn't wrap over the truck in a right way, the maximum speed becomes lower while the petrol expenditure stays the same.